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Social Media Manager
Copywriting Skill
Hello, my name is

David Kristianto

A storyteller through photography 📸✨

I am a photographer with a deep passion for capturing beautiful moments in life. I believe that every precious moment deserves to be remembered in an image, which is why photography is my passion and calling

As a photographer, I specialize in various genres, including stage photography, portraiture, landscape, travel, and event documentation. I enjoy exploring into the true essence of each subject and creating images that convey the emotions and narrative behind them. Every time I take a photograph, I strive to capture the beauty of the subject and deliver it to the viewers in a touching manner.

Photography Services


Offering professional photography services for corporate gatherings, office events, and more, capturing high-quality, memorable images that encapsulate the essence of your special occasion


Capturing the magic and romance of your special day, our wedding photography services create timeless, exquisite images that celebrate your love story for years to come.

Stage Photography

Specialized photography services for stage performances and concerts, capturing vivid and dynamic imagery in these high-energy environments.


Capture cherished memories of your birthday celebration with our professional photography service, tailored to document every special moment


Arthur is Turning 6


Billy Simpson on Stage


Sari Simorangkir at Ps. Debby Basjir TV Christmas Celebration


Sari Simorangkir at Christmas GBI Tasikmalaya





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